A Few Good Apps for Mobile Photographers

Apps for your smart phone camera

Better pictures, get noticed!

Every few weeks, it seems, a new smart phone is hitting the market…and every smart phone has a camera. Some of the cameras on the phones rival some of the older model DSLR’s on the market. While they won’t take the place of a DSLR, these cameras on your phone help in everyday use…when you see something that just needs to be photographed.

Here are a few applications (most for iPhone) that have come out that can help make those camera-phone photos standout and get seen by others!

  1. If you already have Instagram, get Instatag. You may be taking some great photos but don’t have a lot of followers. Don’t worry, it’s not you…it’s “tagging”. Using the right hashtag or # followed by a keyword will get your photo seen. The best way to attract new followers is to use the hashtag function. But what searchable keyword should you be using? Instatag shows you which tags are trending, which tags are the top 40 most used and which tags will get noticed most. Cost – $.99
  2. Do you like panorama photos? Your phone may offer that option already but there’s an app called Photosynth that may make it a bit easier. It will also let you share the panorama straight to Facebook and Twitter. Cost – FREE
  3. Want to make your picture look like a collage? You may have seen some of these creations already. One of the apps out there that does this is called Diptic. Diptic has 14 filters and 52 layouts. Use your artistic mind to create!  These collages can then be shared on the major social sites and via email to friends and family. Cost – $.99
  4. Camera+ will help you improve the quality of your photos. This app will let you edit any photo you have taken; cropping, lighting, border creation, photo effects. Be aware, that some of the extras will cost more even after paying for the app. Cost – $.99
  5. Impression is an app for those of you worried about posting your awesome photos for all to see and then seeing that photo stolen and used. Impression is a very simple tool that watermarks your photos allowing you to upload from the phone without needing to transfer to your computer first. Cost – $1.99

And, just a reminder about your photos that are living on your phone. You may want some of those unbelievable shots as prints!  Check out what our Photo Lab offers or, upload from home and pick them up at our store!

You’re a Photographer?

camera of old! Polaroid

The irony is not lost on us! Do you still have a Polaroid?

We read a blog a few days ago from Photographer Thomas Hawk that asked a valid question in the title: “Do You Even Have to Own a Camera to Be a Photographer Anymore?”  The question itself leads to more soul-searching in terms of what does it mean to be a photographer. Continue reading