Nailing a Shallow Depth of Field Photo with Your Point-and-Shoot

First off, I’m not going to lie to you. Those photographs you love—those artsy ones with a small area in focus while everything else is a dreamy blur—are almost always but always the handiwork of DSLR cameras.

The effect, called bokeh, is created by using a shallow depth of field.

But you probably already know that, and maybe you’ve been trying for months on end to achieve it with your point-and-shoot by following the usual advice: use your lowest F-stop (that is, your widest aperture), a fast shutter speed, and some zoom.
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This Black Friday, Zoom in on Photo Deals Your Smartphone Can’t Deliver

A few months ago, Samsung issued a birth announcement of sorts: They would soon be the proud new parents of the first ever smartphone with 10x optical zoom capability. Samsung’s writers called it “revolutionary.” They said it fulfilled their goal of a single instrument that could dual as smartphone and high-end camera. They fell just shy of calling it manna from heaven. The whole thing gave one the impression that they were about to blow up the photography world.

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