Begin with the End in Mind: On What Will You Print Your Next Shot?

Here’s a secret: It’s entirely possible for you to walk all over your ex’s face today. I hope you’d never do that. But the technology exists to make it doable without your ex even knowing. That’s because you can now have digital images printed on darn near anything, including flip-flops. So, technically, you can walk on anyone (or anything) you’d like. Continue reading


From Shoebox to Showpiece: Give Your Old Photographs a New Life

A photograph never printed is a photograph never born.

Technology that allows us to take tons of photographs (without concern for film or processing costs) is a wonderful thing. But it’s a pity that the same technology has led to mass warehousing of images that never see the light of day. Continue reading

Heavy Metal: Photo Prints that Pop!

Why would anyone have a photograph printed on metal? Is it just the novelty? Maybe a passing fad? Actually, metal is an excellent medium for photographic prints because it greatly enhances image vibrancy, sharpness, and depth. Plus, it’s durability can’t be beat. Neither novelty nor fad, metal prints are here to stay—and you really ought to try one on for size.

Metal Print

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Give Us Your Garbage Photographs!

Are you a purist with photographs who refuses to use photo-editing software? Are you turned off by all the pre-set post-production filters people use—to do things like add a vintage look, tilt-shift effect, or an HDR-induced cartoon appearance? Well, I get it. Sometimes pure is pure gold. And there’s satisfaction in knowing you and you alone worked all the magic upfront, no computer assistance required, thank you very much.
Well, here’s a thought for even the most filter-revolting photographers among you. If you have a really blah photograph, something you’re going to trash anyway, that image presents the perfect guinea pig for going hog-wild with the filters. You really might be surprised at what interesting things you can create from photos that would otherwise end up in the garbage.
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Gratitude Photography: Beautify Your Thanksgiving Table

I have a friend who pens personalized gratitude messages every year to put on her Thanksgiving table. The messages are displayed on little table-tent cards perched atop her guest’s plates—short and sweet and specific. She’s actually good about gratitude year-round. (You know the type, people who have a thank you card in your mailbox before you’re done letting out their cat, picking up their kiddo, or visiting them in the hospital.) It’s a marvel she has even more thanks to share come turkey time: Continue reading