Keep that Camera Spic and Span

You know what’s thrilling? Nailing that once-in-a-blue-moon, absolutely beautiful shot with your camera. You know what’s not thrilling? Getting your camera cleaned. But cleaning is important if you want to take great photographs. It’s sort of the yin side in the yin-yang of photography.

Dust and your Camera Cleaning Lawrence Camera

“Honey, we’re gonna need to clean the camera.”

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Time for a Camera Tune-Up

Just like you need an annual tune-up for your car, or you should be getting one, your camera needs some basic maintenance as well. Now is the perfect time to get your camera ready for those great spring and summer photographs you’ve been dreaming about.

Check Memory Cards

Camera Memory Cards for Photographs How many photos are living on the card and not your computer…or even worse, not printed. Before you head out on that summer trip, make sure your card is clean. Get those photos off of there. Or, buy a new card. The cost for larger memory cards seems to drop once every 6 months. Just remember, the more cards you have, the more confused you will be with what’s on them unless you have a great filing system. And, if you lose a card, you’ve lost all those memories.

Battery Check

Digital Camera Batteries RechargeableHow long have you owned your camera with that rechargeable battery? They do lose their ability to hold a charge and do need to be replaced every few years. Buying a second battery is a good idea and keep it handy if you are going on a long trip and your current battery is more than 5 years old.

A Clean Camera is a Happy Camera

Camera Cleaning SuppliesFirst of all, try keeping your camera away from items that might make it dirty in the first place: dirt, sand, saltwater, dust, etc. Obviously, that means keeping it in a plastic bag with a whole for just the lens. Just be careful around water.  When cleaning the lens, get your micro fiber cleaning cloth and keep it with your gear. Not only is it great for oil on the lens, it’s also great for the camera body. Use your breath, wipe. Simple.

For the interior of the camera when changing lenses, a sensor cleaning brush or blower is a good buy.  Just don’t touch the sensor. Ever. If you are worried about dust on the actual sensor because you are printing large photos and are seeing issues, bring it to us. We can clean it for you professionally and ensure no damage.

Avoid canned air for cleaning and make sure to never touch the shutter on your automatic. For lenses and filters, use a blower first then micro fiber.

And one simple tip to help keep all your gear clean – get a camera bag!