Keep that Camera Spic and Span

You know what’s thrilling? Nailing that once-in-a-blue-moon, absolutely beautiful shot with your camera. You know what’s not thrilling? Getting your camera cleaned. But cleaning is important if you want to take great photographs. It’s sort of the yin side in the yin-yang of photography.

Dust and your Camera Cleaning Lawrence Camera

“Honey, we’re gonna need to clean the camera.”

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Begin with the End in Mind: On What Will You Print Your Next Shot?

Here’s a secret: It’s entirely possible for you to walk all over your ex’s face today. I hope you’d never do that. But the technology exists to make it doable without your ex even knowing. That’s because you can now have digital images printed on darn near anything, including flip-flops. So, technically, you can walk on anyone (or anything) you’d like. Continue reading

A World of Buttons For Photography

I watched Girl, Interrupted for the first time earlier this week. There’s a scene whenAngelina Jolie’s character, in a delirious state of rage, yells, “There are too many buttons in the world!” That struck me as kind of funny. Smart phones, tablets, or laptops didn’t even exist at that time.

We really do live in a sea of buttons now. And people who are turned off by that are often turned off by digital cameras. Having to burrow down through menus on LCD screens to control shutter speed? That’s unappealing to someone who used to just switch from 200-speed film to 800 to get the job done.

Photos Are not Data

My, that’s a lovely vacation photo you’ve got in there.

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