Itty Bitty Prints

People often think that to show off a photograph, the bigger, the better. But that’s not always true. Sometimes, small is good. Sometimes it’s even better than big.

Do you have a wallet-size print you carry around in your wallet? It’s probably a portrait, right? So, you already know that scaling down a print is great for space and portability—easy to carry anywhere, easy to show off when the spirit moves you. A wallet photo is also like little talisman, a miniature something that gives you warm fuzzies whenever you open your billfold.

Now I want you to think about miniature things, in general. I’m talking miniature dogs, miniature houses, miniature figurines. Think about newborn babies and about those cars so small they look like a phone booth on wheels. Think about model airplanes and trains. Think about finger sandwiches and tiny robins’ eggs. You with me? Isn’t there a certain, special delight to take in little tiny things?

miniatures for prints Lawrence Camera

Tea, anyone?
(Photo credit: Little Tiny Things)

I call this the Miniature Effect, and I’m sure it’s the reason our Itty Bitty Metal Prints have become so popular since we first introduced them. In the store, we sometimes joke that these prints (and the adorable little easels that come with them) practically sell themselves—but, honestly, they do.

It’s a bit difficult to convey just how excited people get over these things, but here’s an example from a recent customer. After reading about Itty Bitty Prints in our recent blog about metal prints, she sent in a favorite old print she has of her daughter. The image was something she’d had on her bulletin board at the office, and she said she was “just curious” how it would turn out. She was so tickled by the results that she later emailed us:

Metal prints Lawrence Camera

“Thank you, Lawrence! I love the little one even more than the original!”

Yet it wasn’t just the Miniature Effect that bowled over the customer when she came to pick up the product (just $15, by the way). It was also that the Itty Bitty Print felt “more substantial” and looked “more vibrant and alive” than she expected. The customer was so happy with the results that she immediately just had to have another:

Metal prints Lawrence Camera

“Now everyone at work wants to know where I got these!” she wrote. “Don’t be surprised if you get bombarded!”

If you’re looking for a new and different way to show off some of your favorite photographs, I think our Itty Bitty Prints are just the thing. Try thinking smaller rather than bigger. There’s magic in the Miniature Effect. (And just imagine how many more images you can show off when they take up so little space!)


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