From Shoebox to Showpiece: Give Your Old Photographs a New Life

A photograph never printed is a photograph never born.

Technology that allows us to take tons of photographs (without concern for film or processing costs) is a wonderful thing. But it’s a pity that the same technology has led to mass warehousing of images that never see the light of day.

Hard drives and SD cards have become to modern-day photographers what old shoeboxes were to old-timers—a place to hoard photographs rather than share them. I think that’s a waste. However, I think the reverse problem is also a shame:  Photographs hoarded in shoeboxes have limited use when compared with those living on hard drives and SD cards. That’s a bit of a waste, too.

Today I’m going to talk about your shoeboxes.

Photos in a shoebox

I mean the actual cardboard ones amassing actual piles of actual photographs from days gone by. Yes, it’s great fun to go through these old photographs every few years. If they weren’t meaningful to you, you would have tossed them. Wouldn’t it be nice to do something with them? You can head over to Pinterest and find all manner of crafts to make with old printed images. But unless you want to destroy your originals, for many of these crafts you’re going to need copies.

What’s the big key to making quality and quantity copies of an image? Have a digital original. Then you can do whatever the heck you want to the image, however many different times, without the risk of losing it forever. Think about things you do with the photographs you take with your smart phone or digital camera. Think greeting cards, stickers, ornaments, calendars, clothing or satchels or other fabric prints. You can size digital images down for jewelry. You can colorize them for an interesting twist. Probably most important, you can rest easy that they will not be lost to the ravages of time. That’s something you definitely want to do with those images you deemed worthy of your shoebox!

An easy way to get your photographs moved over to digital is to invest in a Legacy Box. Really, all you do is move your pile of photographs from one box (your shoebox) to another (the pre-paid Legacy Box). You can pick up one of these boxes at our store. After you return it, stocked with your photos, the photos will be scanned onto a CD for you.

You can get up to 300 photographs for just $49, up to 500 photographs for $69, and up to 2,000 photographs for $179.

You’ve already got the prints. Now get the digitals—and give those old photographs new life!


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