Heavy Metal: Photo Prints that Pop!

Why would anyone have a photograph printed on metal? Is it just the novelty? Maybe a passing fad? Actually, metal is an excellent medium for photographic prints because it greatly enhances image vibrancy, sharpness, and depth. Plus, it’s durability can’t be beat. Neither novelty nor fad, metal prints are here to stay—and you really ought to try one on for size.

Metal Print

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Photography Fun with Light Painting (It’s Easy!)

Want something fun to do when the electricity goes out? Something a little more interesting than making shadow puppets or watching the candles flicker? Try light painting. It’s really not hard to do and, with practice, you can have dazzling results. All you need is a camera, a tripod, and a hand-held light source or three (glow sticks, flashlights, sparklers, cell phone flashlight, a strobe unit, neon signs, etc.). The best light sources are colorful and bright, so think LED. And your camera need not be anything special.

Light Painting Photography Lawrence Camera

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Give Us Your Garbage Photographs!

Are you a purist with photographs who refuses to use photo-editing software? Are you turned off by all the pre-set post-production filters people use—to do things like add a vintage look, tilt-shift effect, or an HDR-induced cartoon appearance? Well, I get it. Sometimes pure is pure gold. And there’s satisfaction in knowing you and you alone worked all the magic upfront, no computer assistance required, thank you very much.
Well, here’s a thought for even the most filter-revolting photographers among you. If you have a really blah photograph, something you’re going to trash anyway, that image presents the perfect guinea pig for going hog-wild with the filters. You really might be surprised at what interesting things you can create from photos that would otherwise end up in the garbage.
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Cupid’s Color: How to Photograph Red

I don’t actually know if Cupid loves red. Maybe he prefers pink. But since we’re ambushed with the color red in February in celebration of Valentine’s Day, we really ought to talk about photographing it. Red is famously one of the most difficult colors to capture authentically on film, especially in natural lighting. And trying to do that makes a lot of photographers see, well, red.

Photographic the color red Lawrence Photo

It’s worth the effort!
Photo Credit: Jim Gaston

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Fixing “Demon Eye” in Photographs of Animals

In photographs, does your cat or dog appear to be possessed? Demon eye, also known as pet eye, is what you get when the flash of your camera reflects off your pet’s eyes. It can range in severity and take on many hues, including glowing white, greens, reds, or yellows. It’s the animal equivalent to red eye but a bit trickier to fix.

Demon Eye on pets
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