This Black Friday, Zoom in on Photo Deals Your Smartphone Can’t Deliver

A few months ago, Samsung issued a birth announcement of sorts: They would soon be the proud new parents of the first ever smartphone with 10x optical zoom capability. Samsung’s writers called it “revolutionary.” They said it fulfilled their goal of a single instrument that could dual as smartphone and high-end camera. They fell just shy of calling it manna from heaven. The whole thing gave one the impression that they were about to blow up the photography world.


In the world of mobile phones, 10x optical zoom is an exciting tool (though iPhone 4 can get up to 12x), but in the world of photography? It’s kind of the proverbial guy that showed up to the gunfight with a knife. Unfortunately, a lot of people who are still wet behind the ears with photography may make the mistake of thinking otherwise. They’ll be judging the 10x optical zoom against the 3x digital zoom that’s standard for most smartphone cameras. But judging optical zoom against digital zoom is like judging a rhinestone against a diamond. There’s no contest.

Digital takes a central portion of an image, crops down to that portion, and blows it up in size to simulate optical zoom. The results are almost always underwhelming. No wonder 10x optical zoom sounds so great. It’s not the 10x that’s thrilling. It’s the novelty of having optical zoom on a smartphone. And you know what tends to happen with novelty, right? It wears off.

Nikon COOLPIX Digital ZoomDo you really want to be able to take great photographs from a distance? Forget the 10x zoom smartphone. We’ve got a Nikon COOLPIX P520 that will get you to 42x optical zoom.  It also Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can get images from it to your smart device and social media sites in a jiffy. And this Friday, we’ll be selling it at a $200 discount—just $299.95. That’s just a hundred more than that “revolutionary” smartphone.

Oh, and speaking of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, yes, we’re offering some super-deep discounts on tons of products. We’re talking as much as $400 savings off Nikon digital SLR cameras. We’re talking up to 50 percent off other cameras and lenses. Stop by and see us!


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