Gratitude Photography: Beautify Your Thanksgiving Table

I have a friend who pens personalized gratitude messages every year to put on her Thanksgiving table. The messages are displayed on little table-tent cards perched atop her guest’s plates—short and sweet and specific. She’s actually good about gratitude year-round. (You know the type, people who have a thank you card in your mailbox before you’re done letting out their cat, picking up their kiddo, or visiting them in the hospital.) It’s a marvel she has even more thanks to share come turkey time:

“I love sitting by you in church when we sing hymns. Thank you for your beautiful voice.”

“Your smile is infectious. Thank you for greeting me with it every time I see you!”

“My freezer and wallet are fuller because of you. Thank you for our Costco trips!”

The secret, I think, is specificity. Isn’t it great? Having been on the receiving end of one such card, I can tell you it feels great. To be thanked is wonderful. To be thanked thoughtfully and specifically is divine. Which got me thinking about the photography equivalent of this lovely tradition. Couldn’t gratitude also be expressed through imagery?

Think about the people who take a seat at your Thanksgiving table. What is it about each of them you really appreciate? Don’t just say their sense of humor. Don’t just say their generosity. Get specific. Remember how you’ve seen these things in action. What images can serve as a symbol? Take, for example, one of my cousins whose friend helped her update her look one year for job interviews. Ever since, my cousin has referred to it as the Great Blue Eyeshadow Intervention of ’09. If she’d have set a photograph of blue eyeshadow at her friend’s place setting that Thanksgiving along with the simple words “Thank you,” they both would have understood.

Photography Cuff Bracelet (PG-185B) White GlossWe offer a great way for you to create gratitude photographs that also beautify your table and become keepsakes. The above is a photography bracelet, and as you can see, it’s perfectly proportioned to dual as a napkin ring. You can design one using our online interface, which allows you to resize, crop, and adjust photo brightness and contrast. You can also convert to sepia or black-and-white. There are a variety of layout options, and we’re offering these cuffs at a 25% discount until the end of November.

Start planning your gratitude photographs today, and send them our way. You can beautify your table, show the true spirit of thanks, and leave your guests with a gift they’ll cherish!


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