This Black Friday, Zoom in on Photo Deals Your Smartphone Can’t Deliver

A few months ago, Samsung issued a birth announcement of sorts: They would soon be the proud new parents of the first ever smartphone with 10x optical zoom capability. Samsung’s writers called it “revolutionary.” They said it fulfilled their goal of a single instrument that could dual as smartphone and high-end camera. They fell just shy of calling it manna from heaven. The whole thing gave one the impression that they were about to blow up the photography world.

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The Rise of the Candid Self-Portrait (or Why You Need a Photo Booth!)

I didn’t hear it myself, but it must have made a sound. I’m talking about the collective snorting through upturned noses all across the globe, just after the folks at Oxford Dictionary announced the 2013 Word of the Year. If you haven’t already heard, the word is selfie. I suppose the definition could be along the lines of, “Candid photographic self-portrait, often used to fish for affirmation on social media sites.” Do you think Oxford will include an image with the entry? I’m thinking washed-out bathroom-mirror snapshot of someone in duck-face—that kissy, pouty close-up that says, “I deserve a catwalk.” I personally hope they opt for this one, the first papal selfie on record: Continue reading

Photographing Objects in Motion

Objects in motion stay in motion. Not for photographers, though. We can stop them in time; hold them still with one click of the shutter. Yet we’re often trying to do it while capturing the sense of movement. For us, objects in motion are memorialized in motion—and can be darn challenging to capture. Continue reading

Gratitude Photography: Beautify Your Thanksgiving Table

I have a friend who pens personalized gratitude messages every year to put on her Thanksgiving table. The messages are displayed on little table-tent cards perched atop her guest’s plates—short and sweet and specific. She’s actually good about gratitude year-round. (You know the type, people who have a thank you card in your mailbox before you’re done letting out their cat, picking up their kiddo, or visiting them in the hospital.) It’s a marvel she has even more thanks to share come turkey time: Continue reading

Daylight Saving: Time for a Photography Lessons from Butterflies

Are you feeling the effects of the Daylight Saving switch? We are painfully aware of our circadian rhythms, struggling to get our sleep/wake cycles to jibe with the changed clock hands. Even if you’re among those who really struggle with this shift, your fatigue is hardly the grandest testament to the power of these rhythms. I think the migration of the Eastern Northern American monarch butterfly takes that honor. Continue reading