Leading Lines in Photography and Interior Designs

If you’ve reached a point when your photography qualifies as wall-worthy art, you know what leading lines are. These visual lines in the space of a photograph draw the viewer’s eye to a focal point or, in some cases, right off the frame but are usually talked about only within the context of the photograph itself. That is, where in the photograph do they lead the viewing eye? Ever thought about the way a photograph’s leading lines can impact the interior design of a room where you have it displayed?

Because leading lines do sometimes lead the eye right out of the frame, they can actually be used to lead the eye to décor around the photograph. This is why you should be conscientious about where you hang a photograph with strong leading lines. After all, you probably wouldn’t want to lead the eye toward, let’s say, your thermostat.

Leading Lines in Photography

Likewise, you can take advantage of those off-the-frame leading lines by having them point toward something you’re actually happy to showcase—another favorite photograph, a shelf of books, or even a picture window. If you do place photographs with leading lines next to each other, make sure their leading lines work well together. For example, if you want to highlight the center photograph, leading lines in the flanking photographs would do well to lead the eye toward the center.

When composing a photograph using leading lines, remember not to put too much emphasis on the lines such that they overtake the composition. They’re there to be just one part of the composition of the photograph—and perhaps, eventually, of your room!


2 thoughts on “Leading Lines in Photography and Interior Designs

  1. tim leimkuhler says:

    what a great piece! thanks for that! can’t wait to read more:)

  2. […] heard me talk on this blog about leading lines and how you can use them to improve your compositions. In a nutshell, leading lines are just […]

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