What We Are Really Remodeling for Photographers

A lot can change in 40 years. It boggles my mind to think of all we have now that we didn’t have 40 years ago: the personal computer, cell phones, air bags, microwaves, and, one of our personal favorites, digital cameras. Since Lawrence Photo opened in 1973, the Berlin wall fell, apartheid ended, our ozone layer sprouted a leak, and reality TV was introduced. Let’s not forget Harry Potter and the Simpsons. We’ve seen a lot.

After 40 years in the camera and photo processing business, let’s just say our little shop is pretty comfortable with change. In fact, we’re so comfortable that right now we’re the ones creating it. (Thank you to everyone for excusing our dust while we remodel!) I hope you’ll like the new look and feel of our space once the dust is cleared, but I also want to point out that the real change has been taking place under the surface of all that hammering, sawing, and painting. That is, with the purchase of new technology and equipment, we’ve been quietly preparing to give you a whole lot more options for what to do with those beautiful pictures sitting on your SD cards.

You’ll still be able to upload files to our website for photo processing, but I’d like to invite you to come in with your SD card when our remodel is complete later this month. Get a firsthand look at the amazing things you’re going to be able to do locally with your photographs. Let’s talk about your ideas. How big do you want to go? Where do you want to display the finished product? What kind of gifts would you like to create? Let’s open up photo files together and get a look at what’s possible. Because while we’ve always been happy to change with the changing times, there’s one distinct exception: Our 1973 corner-store mentality is here for the long haul. We still like to get to know customers, like to see what you create, like to hear your stories, and like being able to personally help you take your craft to the next level.

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