Recycling Vintage Photographs

Oil paints, pastel chalks, watercolors, clay, vintage photographs—one of these things is not like the others. Right? Wrong. Vintage photographs are more and more being used as a medium for creating new works of art. Of course, any photograph can be used in this way, but there’s something particularly riveting about a vintage black-and-white photograph re-imagined as a new work of art:

Vintage Photograph as Work of Art

Chilean mixed-media artist Jose Romussi creates works from vintage photographs and thread.

Have you ever considered creating new artworks from your own piles of old family photographs? For many people, this would have been an unthinkable offense before the advent of photo restoration services. But with the ability to restore vintage photos as well as produce multiple prints of them, you now have infinite freedom to experiment with unique ways to display them. You can use their original beauty without worrying about ruining your original copies.

Vintage Photographs Re-Imagined

American Artist Mary Daniel Hobson tore the edges of these vintage photographs before bottling them into a triptych.
She explains that the torn edges symbolize the fragmentary nature of memory.

Delicate Vintage Photographs

And you thought a vintage photo was delicate:
British Artist Louise Richardson transferred vintage images to feathers.

Hey, it’s a photograph. It can be reproduced ad nauseum. Which means you can experiment ad nauseum. Which means you can let your imagination run wild. Which means your box of old black-and-white snapshots is a little like a new box of crayons to a kid. What will you create?


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