Spring into Colorful Monochromatic Photographs

When people hear the term monochromatic photography, their minds tend to fly to grayscale or black-and-white images. Indeed, that’s the most notorious form, but have you ever experimented with colorful monochromatic photography? Since any photo that uses one color with either black or white is monochromatic, you can really have a heyday with it. This delicious effect can be achieved easily by desaturating a photo to black and white and then adjusting the color balances in a photo-editing program like Adobe Photoshop Elements.Monochromatic Photographs

Monochromatic Photographs

Yet there’s another way to achieve the monochromatic photo or at least something approaching it. That is to choose a monochromatic subject or create a monochromatic composition. Food makes a great tool for this kind of project. Think heaps of apples or rows of shucked corn.

Monochromatic Photographs

The natural world can be wonderful for it, too!

Monochromatic Photographs

Monochromatic Photographs

Don’t these pictures just make you itch for the lushness of April and May? Get your cameras ready. Spring’s zenith is just around the corner, and we’d love to see some of your very own monochromatic compositions from the natural world as it continues to reawaken—from the green grass to the happy yellows of wild primrose to the downy whites of flowering serviceberry trees.

Show us what you’ve got! Share your photos with us on our Facebook page!


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