Turn That Digital Image Into Something Real!

We had a blog a few weeks ago about photos not really being photos until they are printed. We are taking that to heart and have lowered the prices for all matte or glossy 4×6 and 3.5×5 prints. 4×6 are now just 19 cents per print and 3.5×5 are 18 cents per print. So, take a few minutes to upload your prints online or bring your digital card to the store and walk out with actual photographs.

You should also start considering custom prints for some of your digital photos that you feel are works of art! How about mounting your photo on foam core or taking your digital photo and using a metal print? We have options when it comes to printing your photo on aluminum. Most people will be in awe of just how clear the print looks and just how different it is from a print on canvas.

Turn your digital image into a metal print!

Turn your digital image into a metal print!

We are proud of our In Store Printing Services and the folks who are there to help customers when they come in with their USB drives, digital camera cards or smart phones.  You can visit our Pix Lounge and upload your photos and we will help you make a decision on how to best get that photo printed. To truly appreciate some of the photos you have taken, you must print them and see them in a larger format.


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