Saving Memories

We were going through some old photos the other day – many from my grandparents as children! Stark images of what appeared to be tougher times. The photos left were mainly portraits…of course, these are most of the photos from those times as cameras like we have them now were not easy to come by, were expensive and were not easy to handle.

It was after 1880 and Kodak’s first public lab that the average person started considering taking photos. If someone else could develop the photographs, why not let them? In 1900, the Kodak Brownie also started bringing cameras into the public domain.

Kodak No. 2 Brownie box camera, circa 1910

Kodak No. 2 Brownie box camera, circa 1910

We came to some of my parents photos, when they were kids. You could see the change in cameras and film and how technology quickly expanded the ability to capture memories. More photos started cropping up of people doing things, not just standing for portraits. We went from taking photos for memories of places and people to taking photographs of actual events and spectacles that we wanted or needed to remember. Some of these photos, from the 30’s-60’s reminded me of times long-gone, childhood fun nearly forgotten.

The problem, though, was the deterioration of these fantastic photos. They would soon disappear and the memories meant to last generations would be gone. I can’t let the next generations in my family forget about our past or not know what their ancestors looked like.

You probably don’t want that to happen either.

Photo restorationWhile the digital age will help keep your memories from literally fading away (better hope you have all your digital photographs backed-up in several places), you or your parents probably have plenty of photos that you don’t want to lose. We can help!

First, we can restore most of your older photos as well as retouch them.  We can also take your old photos and scan them into DVD’s. And, for those of you with old film you want developed or photographers who continue using film, our printing services are ready for you.

Don’t let time destroy memories!


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