It’s Not a Photograph Until It’s Printed

This wonderful photograph is titled "Winter in Missouri" and was taken by Sherri Nicholas then uploaded to our Facebook page

This wonderful photograph is titled “Winter in Missouri” and was taken by Sherri Nicholas then uploaded to our Facebook page

I know there will be some disagreement with this…there could even be some angry comments. I do welcome them! But, this is a belief I have always had and will never change.

With the digital age and camera phones, I am willing to bet some of you reading this right now have a few hundred photos sitting on the phone photo album or on the camera digital card. You may download them to the computer and there they will live.

And stay there.

While digital photography has certainly made it easier and cheaper to take photos, multiple shots of the same scene or event, and it allows photographers to be choosier about what is printed, most of you who aren’t professional photographers tend to just leave those images in the digital world and don’t consider the next step.

These are memories. You take photos of vacations, children, Christmas or graduations for one reason: capturing memories. And while you can go back to the phone or the computer and plug it into a TV and run the slide show for all to see, those aren’t pictures yet. There is no physical proof of that memory.

Remember all the photo albums your parents or grandparents had? They would pull them out and cry about the memories, or embarrass you in front of guests. These are memories.

This is life.

I really urge all of you to consider printing some of those memories so they can become real photos. We can help you here at Lawrence Camera. We have some great printing services and can help turn some of those digital images into truly spectacular photos. This way, your memories will live forever for others to enjoy!


3 thoughts on “It’s Not a Photograph Until It’s Printed

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