What Does Photography Mean to You?

The title should cause some sort of emotion. What does photography really mean to you? Does it mean snapping pictures of everyday life? Does it mean capturing moments in time for memories? Does it mean taking the time to set up a scene because you have a vision of what something should look like? Does it mean creating a piece of art and using not just a camera but the extra tools out there now to enhance and make pictures seem more alive?

Photography as Art

Photo by Craig Hill

There is no right answer for this. Pictures, photos, cameras, imaging, subjects, lighting, tripods, and lenses…none of this really matters until you decide what photography means TO YOU!

What does it mean to us? Expression of emotion. A photo, like a piece of art, is supposed to draw out an emotion. Just like the title of this blog was supposed to make you feel something, a photograph should stir something within. What that is will be different for many people.

Before you take that step into photography, decide what it means for you…it can be a life changing decision that might mean a lifetime of love for something that could become more than just a hobby.


3 thoughts on “What Does Photography Mean to You?

  1. Carol Lay says:

    It’s simply .. thru my eys…

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