Let’s Come Together!


Photo taken by Beth Luther

We are proud members of the Photo Marketing Association and were very excited when they announced a new place for photographers, imagers, enthusiasts to come together to share ideas.

It’s called The Big Photo Show.  As PMA mentions in their most recent news release about the project, this is the place for “photo enthusiasts, professional photographers, photo retailers, imaging labs and manufacturers to meet, learn and grow together.”

For photo lovers like us, this news is great because we always believe that we can learn something new from others every time we pick up our cameras and snap a picture. There is no “right” way to get that “perfect photo” and even we can learn something from novice photographers!

The Big Photo Show will combine live events and online community “gatherings”. The first event is just 6 months away in Los Angeles. The online community can be found here, at this link! What’s really great about this online community is that you can make it what you want it to be. Get news, enter photos into a contest and learn from your peers or some of the best in the business!

We hope you will join us in that community!


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