Beyond The Images of War

When we discuss Afghanistan or Iraq or even Vietnam, we tend to instantly think of images of war. This is just the way we are programmed because of our historical interaction with those countries.

As photographers, we need to think beyond those images and think about more than just the countries, but the people who call them home. For children 11 and under in Afghanistan, all they have known around their country is war and conflict but that doesn’t necessarily mean their life is war and conflict. Celebrating humanity is more sometime more important than chronicling inhumanity. Taking the time to actually consider all aspects of life wherever you go could make for some brilliant images!

We found just a few great images taken in war-torn countries that have nothing to do with war or death. These photographers were there to capture those images but stopped for a moment to capture the world around them, gathering information that can tell a story of life rather than death.

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