Are You Willing to Risk Your Life for “The Shot”?

Dangerous shot of Kilauea Hawaii VOlcano

Courtesy – Kilauea Hawaii

Have you noticed some professional photographers ignoring dangers in order to get the prefect shot for their client? We are talking mainly about wedding photographers here, rather than wildlife photographers or photojournalists.

Let’s change the question around and ask about the principle in the photo. Have you ever risked your life to be in a photo because “it was going to look cool!”?

We understand wanting to get “The Shot”. Whether it’s for professional reasons or you are an amateur and see something that would truly take you to the next level, ask yourself, is it worth it?

We started thinking about this after reading this story online. Apparently, Chicagoans are taking to the streets, literally, and risking their lives on what is supposed to be a very special day! Is that “artsy” photo so important for your wedding album? It doesn’t matter if it’s the photographer or the wedding party – STAY OFF THE STREETS!

It’s important to remember, as Marta Block reminds us in the article – all those great looking photos of celebrities in the street are taken with permits and paperwork filed with the city so cars don’t careen into those celebrities!

Just a reminder – stay safe!


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