Oktoberfest in the Ozarks

Lawrence Photo-to-GO!

Fun with friends with Lawrence Photo-to-GO!

Saturday October 6th should be a fun-filled day in Downtown Springfield as we join with everyone to celebrate Oktoberfest in the Ozarks! You can’t go wrong with live music, food and, of course, beer!

We are going to take part in the fun with our new Photo Booth, Lawrence Photo-to-GO – The Memory Machine! Come visit us, get a fun series of pictures with your friends and say “Hi!”

These portable photo booths are really becoming a big hit for parties, weddings and other events since they have become so easy to transport. Gone are the days where you could only fine one of these at an amusement park or at the mall. You do a search on the internet for a portable photo booth and you can even buy one for yourself! Of course, you’ll need to shell out a few thousand dollars.

So, save those thousands of dollars and just give us a call! You will be able to rent Lawrence Photo-to-GO – The Memory Machine!  for any event and we promise you lots of laughs from all your guests. You can call us for more information about the booth at 417.883.6789

We hope to see you at Oktoberfest and enjoying our photo booth!


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