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Last week, we discussed the use of Photoshop for pictures. It is used by professional photographers for numerous changes – resolution, lighting, blemishes, etc. It can also be used to create artistic pieces meant to evoke emotion or to show how two images combined could reflect an image the photographer had in his head.

But, in the past two days, Photoshop has caused a lot of confusion and downright anger because of how it was used in the midst of tragedy. Some of the photos are obviously faked, meant to lighten the situation. But, there are plenty of people on Facebook, Twitter and other places on the web who were taken by the pictures, thinking them real.

What do you think? If it’s not a news organization is it wrong for people to be passing these as real?


When a Photograph is “Photoshopped”, is it still Real?

Love it or hate it, Photoshop is a great tool that allows photographers the chance to manipulate a picture to showcase an idea as well as something that caught their eye. There is a reason behind every photograph taken by any photographer; what they saw or are seeing has a value that they want to share with others. The question that crops (pardon the pun) up though is when you create a photo by mixing images, changing composition or adjusting brightness, are you taking away from the original idea of photography.

Something to remember in all this is that photographers have always staged their photos (let’s ignore news photographers who are snapping photos of events) to make sure they are “perfect”; we pose our subjects, we adjust the brightness and contrast when we develop, we use different kinds of lenses that expand field, we use lights to change how the area looks, etc. In Photoshop, we are changing composition rather than moving the camera, we are removing red eye, and we are combining photos that were taken at different times and places to create…

Ahhhh…now here’s the rub for many photographers. It is the drastic manipulation of a picture or two or three to simulate an event that never took place and make it appear that it did. We can all argue that the pictures were taken and the events did happen, but the idea that we are changing the actual reality is the bigger problem for most.

What do you think?

Check out this Popular Photography Photo Contest from 2010.

Phtoshopped phot contests

Photoshopped Photos win a Photo Contest

2 of those pictures are Photoshopped and won a photo contest: the tornadoes chasing the motorcycle and the seagulls circling the lighthouse. Is that fair to win a contest?

Beyond The Images of War

When we discuss Afghanistan or Iraq or even Vietnam, we tend to instantly think of images of war. This is just the way we are programmed because of our historical interaction with those countries.

As photographers, we need to think beyond those images and think about more than just the countries, but the people who call them home. For children 11 and under in Afghanistan, all they have known around their country is war and conflict but that doesn’t necessarily mean their life is war and conflict. Celebrating humanity is more sometime more important than chronicling inhumanity. Taking the time to actually consider all aspects of life wherever you go could make for some brilliant images!

We found just a few great images taken in war-torn countries that have nothing to do with war or death. These photographers were there to capture those images but stopped for a moment to capture the world around them, gathering information that can tell a story of life rather than death.

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Are You Willing to Risk Your Life for “The Shot”?

Dangerous shot of Kilauea Hawaii VOlcano

Courtesy NationalGeographic.com – Kilauea Hawaii

Have you noticed some professional photographers ignoring dangers in order to get the prefect shot for their client? We are talking mainly about wedding photographers here, rather than wildlife photographers or photojournalists.

Let’s change the question around and ask about the principle in the photo. Have you ever risked your life to be in a photo because “it was going to look cool!”?
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Oktoberfest in the Ozarks

Lawrence Photo-to-GO!

Fun with friends with Lawrence Photo-to-GO!

Saturday October 6th should be a fun-filled day in Downtown Springfield as we join with everyone to celebrate Oktoberfest in the Ozarks! You can’t go wrong with live music, food and, of course, beer!
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